Lesson 1: The importance of Health – သင္ခန္းစာ (၁) က်န္းမာေရး အေရးႀကီးပံု

Lesson Plan Components
Teacher’s Name Thor Wai Htoo
Topic The important of Health
Main aim(s) To know and understand hygiene is very important for everyone
-To know hygiene is not only important to be healthy but also important in social and and any other parts of our life
-To gain the concept of working with group


Procedure Stage aims Aids Interactions

Step 1


(1) Spread out the students into groups(According to the number of students)

(2) Ask the students what the most important thing in our life is and let them discuss in their groups

(3) Facilitate what they said

To create good relationship with students.

To develop their critical thinking.

To evaluate the students’ knowledge.

To gain the concept of group work


T – Whole Class

S-Whole Class


Step 2

(1)Brainstorm whether they think health is important or not and hold the discussion.

(2)Ask and discuss why health is important for our life.

(3)Explain the importance of health related to what they said


To raise the students’ awareness about the importance of health.



Whole Class


Step 3

(1)Explain widely about health by using video clips

(2)Discuss about the movie clips with students

To improve their basic knowledge about health

To promote their discussion skill

Movie clips/Laptop/speaker/


Whole Class


Step 4

(1) Spread out the students into groups.

(2) Ask the students to discuss why health is important for our life in their groups and present in front of the class.


To develop working with others.

To develop critical thinking.

To apply their knowledge.

*(As an assessment)




S – S

20mins Step 5

(1)Make questions and answers with students

  1. Why is health important?
  2. If we are not healthy, what can happen?

(2) Give feedback and summarize the lesson

To know whether they understand the lesson or not.  



T- Whole class