Lesson-1: Noun – နာမ္

Lesson Plan Components  
Teacher’s Name Phoo Thit Wai
Date 12/ 10/ 15 (Mon)
Topic Classroom Rules, Phonic of Letters, Vowels & Consonants, Capital Letters, Nouns
Main Vocab(s) Computer, Input, Process, Store, Output, Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Calculate, Draw, Type, Listen, Play, Save
Main aim(s) – To familiar with the classroom rules

– To learn the phonic of the letters and get enrichment in vocabulary

– To be able to name and categorize the vowels and consonants

– To predict when do we use capital letters and apply this in a relevant situation

– To learn about nouns and modify these in the sentences

Assumptions – They can gain a basic grammar knowledge, especially about noun

– They will get familiar with phonic & letters

– They can get enrichment in vocabulary

Anticipated Problem – They may have some difficulty to catch up with new vocabs and sentence structure

– They may face problem in doing exercise

Possible Solution – Teacher needs to revise and review the lessons again and again until they get familiar with the lessons
Timing Procedure Stage aims Aids and materials Interaction pattern
10 minutes – Play “If you are happy” song and listen it

– Chant & sing the song together with teacher by doing actions

– To motivate them by singing song -Video clip Tr. – Whole class
15 minutes – Ask and discuss about classroom rules by making groups

– Write out some rules on the whiteboard

Classroom Rules

Rule 1: Listen when your teacher is talking.

Rule 2: Follow directions quickly.

Rule 3: Respect others. Respect yourself. Respect your school.

Rule 4: Raise your hand to speak to the class.

Rule 5: Be safe. Be kind. Be honest.

Rule 6: Be Respectful.

Rule 7: Be responsible.

Rule 8: Be safe.

Rule 9: Share with others.

Rule 10: Take care of our things.

Rule 11: Be quiet.

Rule 12: Use kind words.


– To familiar with classroom rules -Whiteboard Tr. – Groups
25 minutes – Learn the phonic of the letters by illustrating the pictures (A – Z)

– Chant the rhymes after the teacher

e.g. A is for Apple ‘ae ‘ae Apple, ….

– Draw pictures and make notes in their exercise books

– To learn and identify the phonic of the letters (A – Z)

– To enrich in vocabularies

– To get interest by drawing pictures

-Exercise book


Tr. – Whole class
7 minutes – Explain about vowels and consonants

– Let them take notes of vowels and consonants

– Show the letter on the whiteboard and ask one by one whether it is vowel or consonant

– To be able to name and categorize the vowels and consonants

– To check their level of interest by asking Q

-Whiteboard Tr. – Student
3 minutes – Explain them when do we use capital letter by providing examples of the names of the people & places on the whiteboard – To select and write the appropriate letter -Whiteboard Tr. – Whole class
20 minutes – Introduce with Noun and explain about what are nouns

– Provide some examples of noun by asking throw back questions

– Show them “Learn Nouns with Timmy” video clip

– Explain the nouns from the video while they are watching

– To understand well about nouns

– To have a clear instruction by watching video

– To extend their interest by watching video

-Video clip Tr. – Student
15 minutes – Write down the sentences from the whiteboard in the exercise book

– Underline the noun from the sentences


1. We can calculate with a computer.

2. We can draw the pictures with a mouse.

3. I can play games with phone.

4. My father buys a desktop for me.

5. This is a laptop on the table.

6. Tom has got a tablet.

7. We can type with a keyboard.

8. I like to listen to the music.

9. A mouse is an input device.

10. A computer can produce many outputs.

11. We can store many things in a computer.

12. It is still in the process.

– To analyze the nouns from the sentences

– To identify the nouns by themselves by underlying nouns


-Exercise book


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